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Gmail Reviews

Reviews, previews, and commentary about the pros and cons of the new Google Gmail electronic mail service.

What I Think About Gmail
I have been using Gmail for about two months and I am quickly becoming addicted. Here is why Gmail is turning out to be the best email solution I have tried so far (September 2004 comments about Gmail by Kathie Fry, editor of

Gmail Preview by Search Engine Watch
Danny Sullivan, editor of Search Engine Watch, was one of the first to publish a preview of the new Google Gmail service (from

Gmail Compared to Other 1 MB Email Services
In July of 2004 Flexbeta compared the fre Google Gmail service with four other email providers that also offer 1 GB of space.

Jim Lynch Gmail Preview
- Introduction
- The Inbox: Getting Started
- Conversations: Gab, Gab, Gab!
- Goodbye Folders, Hello Labels!p
- Keyboard Shortcuts
- But What About Those Ads?
- The Down Side
- Gmail vs. Yahoo Mail, Hotmail
- The Verdict

You Have to Use Gmail to "Get It"
This blog entry at explains that you can't really appreciate what's so great about Gmail until you start using it (from

PC World Magazine Gmail Review
Steve Bass of PC World Magazine shares what he thinks about Google's new Gmail procgram (from

PC Magazine Magazine Gmail Review - Part I
A summary review of Google Gmail with comments about Gmail by two readers(from

PC Magazine Magazine Gmail Review - Part II
A more detailed review of Google Gmail (from

An In-Depth Look at Gmail
A summary review followed by a very detailed review of the new Google Gmail service (by Adam Lasnik of

CNET Gmail Previs
Lindsey Turrentine previews Google's new email service (from

Search Engine Journal Gmail Preview
A preview of Gmail by the editor of the Search Engine Journal.

Mark Pilgrim Gmail Preview
A Gmail review by Mark Pilgrim (from

Dan Brown Gmail Preview
A Gmail review by Dan Brown (from

Eric Janssen Gmail Preview
After working a bit with Gmail Eric Janssen of gives his opinion about the pros and cons of Gmail (

Sean Palmer Evaluates Gmail
A reivew of Gmail by Sean Palmer (from

RogerH Gmail Preview
A first look at Gmail by RogerH at

Gmail Beta Impressed This User
A description of the features one Gmail beta test user especially likes about the new Google email program.

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