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Gmail Privacy Issues

Articles and information about Gmail privacy issues including the text of the official Google Gmail privacy policy, legislation related to Gmail privacy issues, and more.

Official Gmail Privacy Policy
The privacy policy published by Google on the official Gmail website at Includes the type of personal information Google collects, how they use that information, how they use cookies, and more (from

The Fuss About Gmail and Privacy
The full title of this April 16, 2004 article by Tim O'Reilly is "The Fuss About Gmail and Privacy: Nine Reasons Why It's Bogus" (

Privacy Groups Warn: Gmail Scans Content
Google’s free, big-storage e-mail service might be perfect for deployed GIs with large digital photos and video clips to share, but some privacy groups warn there is a catch.

Email Privacy Bill Passed by California Senate
In May of 2004 California passed a law prohibiting an email provider from showing messages to employees or other "natural persons" but it explicitly allowed advertising created in real-time by automated and mechanical analysis. (from

Gmail is More Promise Than Threat
Article by Rupert Goodwins explaining why privacy is not such a big issue with Gmail. (from

Don't Take Away My Right to Use Gmail
"We are on course to a ludicrous situation where I am being prevented from using Google's email service because some "privacy advocate" decides they have more right than me to decide whether Google can use my personal information" (from

Gmail May Change Advertising Model
The complaints against Google’s GMail and its use of AdWords Contextual Advertising to show text ads targeted to actual email content may have driven Google to reconsider the advertising format used to fund the 1 GB of storage space used in the new Google free email service (from

Gmail Under Fire for Privacy Concerns
On April 6, 2004 the World Privacy Forum and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse sent an open letter to Google expressing their concerns about Gmail (from

Privacy Subtleties of GMail
Article by Brad Templeton which explores some of the privacy issues related to Gmail (from

The Trouble With GMail
Article by Mark Rasch expressing his concern that Gmail could violate personal privacy rights (from

Gmail Is Too Creepy
This anti-Gmail article is really an entire Web site devoted to trashing Gmail (from

Bill Introduced Could Impact Gmail
(from the Web Search Guide site at

Senator Says Gmail is "Misbegotten"
According to this April 9, 2004 article, California State Senator Liz Figueroa sent a letter to Google urging them to toss out their plan to scan customer email for content and insert related ads (from

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