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Gmail News

Google press releases and news from other sources about Google's new email program called Gmail.

Highlighted Gmail News by Date:

August 2004
Gmail news, articles, and information highlighted on the home page of in August of 2004.

July 2004
Gmail news, articles, and information highlighted on the home page of in July of 2004.

More Gmail News

Demand For Search Engine Ads Outgrowing The Supply
A report conducted by Nielsen determined that while the demand for search engine advertising is continuing to grow quickly, the supply of appropriate search inventory (real estate on which to place the ads)is not (from on July 21, 2004).

Gmail Walks Off With Rivals' Contacts
Google's free Gmail has quietly added a feature that takes on its free e-mail rivals head on (from on July 21, 2004).

Gmail Prompts Storage Increases by Rivals
Detroit Free Press article by Mike Langberg dated July 21, 2004 (from

Gmail Adds Signatures and Address Book Importing
According to this ZDnet article, a Google spokesperson has confirmed that custom signatures, address book importing and a few other new features were added to Gmail the weekend of July 17, 2004 (from ZDnet).

Google Bans Gmail Swaps and Sales
On June 28, 2004 Google added language to their Terms of Use Agreement prohibits Gmail subscribers from selling, trading or transferring their free Google email accounts "for any unauthorized commercial purpose."

Email Privacy Bill Passed by Californian Senate
This May 2004 California law prohibits an email provider from showing messages to employees or other "natural persons" but it explicitly allows advertising created in real-time by automated and mechanical analysis.

Google Launches Beta Version of Gmail
This press release was issued by Google on April 1, 2004, giving rising to much speculation about whether gmail was a real product or only another one of Google's famous April Fool's day pranks (from

All Google Press Releases
Official press releases issued by Google, Inc. between 1999 and 2004.

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