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What is Google Plus?

Google+ is a social networking service owned and operated by Google. If you would like to create a Google Plus account or log on to your existing account you can do so on the official Google Plus Web Site.

Introductions to Google Plus

Getting Started With Google Plus
Article on the Google Web site with information for new Google Plus users and those who are considering joining Google Plus.

Wikipedia Introduction to Google Plus
Article with facts and general information about Google's social networking service. Includes the history of Google Plus, its features, its user base, its reception, Google Plus in popular culture, and controversies over the years.

Tutorials for Google Plus

Ben Parr's Google Plus Tutorial
The full name of the article by Mashable ? is "Google Plus: The Complete Guide". It includes a description of Google Plus, screenshot images showing what Google Plus looks like, reasons to use Google Plus, how to get started, profile updating, understanding circles and the Google Plus stream, how to share content, the search and sparks services, an explanation of hangouts, the photo albums product built-into Google Plus, games, privacy, and mobile Google Plus. Also includes a quick ference cheat sheet and a video walk-through of Google Plus.

‚ÄéMartin Shervington's Google Plus Tutorial
The full name of this article by marketing consultant Martin Shervington is "What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide. (Videos and Blog)". It includes an introduction to the Google Plus, several how-to articles, and several how-to videos.

Ryan Little's Google Plus Tutorial
The full name of the article by Mashable social projects manager Ryan Lytle is "The Beginner's Guide to Google Plus". It includes how to set up a Google account, How to use and create circles, updating your Google Plus profile, navigating the Google Plus stream, layout of the Google Plus main page, how to post on the "platform", how to tag users or companies when you post, and how to use Google Plus Communities, Hangouts, Events, What's Hot, and the mobile version of Google Plus.

Video Google Plus Tutorials
- Google Plus for Non Profits - Basic Google Plus
- Anson Alexander's 2012 Google Plus Video Tutorial
- Lasse Rouhiainen's 2011 Google Plus Video Tutorial

Google Plus Web Sites

Google Plus - Official Web Site

Google Plus - Mobile Official Web Site

Google Plus Apps

iTunes Google Plus App Preview

Google Play Marketplace Google Plus App Preview

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